• Dr Brijesh Patel (chair)
    Dr Brijesh Patel (chair)Former Deputy Manager and Senior Assessor Biologicals and Biotechnology Unit, MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) London, United Kingdom
    • Dr Jelle Thole
      Dr Jelle TholeSr. Advisor Vaccine Development
      • Dr Bernard Fritzell
        Dr Bernard FritzellFormer Vice-President, International Scientific & Clinical Affairs, Pfizer Vaccines Research Former Chairman of the clinical working group of the European Vaccines Manufacturers (EVM) Paris, France
        • Dr Emmanuèle Gerdil
          Dr Emmanuèle GerdilFormer Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs Europe at Sanofi Pasteur MSD Lyon, France
          • Dr Mei Mei Ho
            Dr Mei Mei HoPrincipal Scientist National Institute for Biological Standards and Control Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
            • Dr Beatrice De Vos, MD, PhD
              Dr Beatrice De Vos, MD, PhDManaging Director Bejamad (consultancy office) Belgium Former Vice President Global Scientific & Medical Affairs Sanofi-Pasteur, former Vice President Global Medical Affairs GSK Biologicals
              • Dr Leo van der Pol
                Dr Leo van der PolPrincipal scientist Intravacc Bilthoven, The Netherlands
                • Dr François Spertini
                  Dr François Spertini Dr François Spertini Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Lausanne Chief-physician, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois Lausanne, Switzerland
                  • Dr Barry Walker
                    Dr Barry WalkerDr Barry Walker
                    • Dr Georges Thiry PhD
                      Dr Georges Thiry PhDFormer Deputy Director-General, Portfolio Management at IVI and acting Director for the Dengue Vaccine Initiative (DVI).
                      • Dr Eddy Rommel
                        Dr Eddy RommelManaging Director Rommel Consulting Partners Jodoigne, Belgium