TBVI's mission is: To support, integrate, translate and prioritise R&D efforts to discover and develop new tuberculosis vaccines that are accessible and affordable for all.

TBVI supports

TBVI mobilises resources and identifies, develops and manages projects for TB vaccine R&D with a particular focus on discovery, preclinical and early clinical activities. In addition, it supports projects for the discovery, optimisation and validation of biomarkers. TBVI works with governments, foundations and the private sector to increase public funding as well as private sector investment opportunities for R&D of new vaccines.

TBVI integrates

TBVI brings together the efforts of leading universities, government institutes, biotech and vaccine companies through TB vaccine and biomarker discovery and development projects. TBVI creates an enabling environment through its knowledge-sharing platform, including meetings, symposia and workshops, and through joint collaborative research that stimulates knowledge exchange and creates synergies among R&D partners and other stakeholders in the field.

TBVI translates

TBVI supports translation from ideas to tangible products through the advisory services of its Product & Clinical Development Team (P&CDT). This team of independent vaccine R&D experts supports TBVI’s R&D partners in moving their candidates from discovery to early and late stage clinical development.

TBVI’s Research & Development strategy

In its strategy, TBVI considers the need to: discover and develop safe and effective vaccines for all; prevent infection and transmission of disease; build on the R&D comparative advantage of the TBVI consortium members; make the best use of limited resources and mobilise additional funding. TBVI has prioritised the following R&D areas to meet its objectives.