Dr Leo van der PolPrincipal scientist Intravacc Bilthoven, The Netherlands

    Dr Leo van der Pol is principal scientist at Intravacc, the Institute for Translational Vaccinology, responsible for the development of processes for both bacterial and viral vaccines. From 2005 to 2013 he was Head of Process Develoment at the NVI (Netherlands Vaccine Institute) and RIVM-Vaccinology. Before this he was senior scientist and manager R&D at the pioneer Contract Manufacturing Company Bio-Intermediair that later evolved to DSM Biologics, involved in process development, scale-up, process validation, and trouble shooting. Though monoclonal antibodies were a model product in this 18 years CMO experience, process development was also performed for enzymes, hormones, blood factors, immuno-modulants and vaccines with different expression systems such as hybridoma, myeloma, CHO, BHK, insect-cell/ baculovirus, adherent animal and human cells.

    Leo van der Pol holds a PhD in Bioprocestechnology from the Wageningen University & Reseach Centre (WUR). Recent research focuses on vaccine development according to current ICH guidelines (QbD and PAT) and the development of new platform-technology for vaccines.