Dr Barry WalkerDr Barry Walker

    Former Vice President of Preclinical Development (Aeras, USA), and previously, Principal Scientist at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, NIBSC, UK.
    Dr Barry Walker has over 30 years’ experience in vaccine discovery and translational development of biologicals, with 20 years’ experience in a regulatory environment. He is an independent researcher with a track record of peer reviewed publications across a range of infectious diseases immunology and policy areas. As Vice President Preclinical Development at Aeras he focussed and implemented the strategy for the clinical immune studies and vaccine development programme for Aeras for over 4 years and brought 4 new vaccine strategies from concept to clinical development, 2 are scheduled for FiM studies in the near future. Prior to this he was Principal Scientist and PI at the Immunology and Cellular Immunity Section and the Bacteriology Division at NIBSC.
    In these roles he has also advised on strategic implementation of specific programmes funded by the EC, BMGF and the NIH.
    Currently acting as an independent scientific consultant translational development of biologicals with an honorary position at University of Surrey.