Marit Holleman MScKnowledge exchange and networking manager

Marit is TBVI’s knowledge exchange and networking manager. Through exchanging knowledge and maintaining contacts with project managers and partners and the coordination of scientific and resource mobilization meetings, she makes TBVI’s work comprehensible for stakeholders. Furthermore she provides communication and project management support to TBVI’s staff.

Before joining TBVI Marit was account manager Global Health at the Institute for translational vaccinology Intravacc and prior to that coordinator technology transfer at the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment and policy advisor at the Netherlands Vaccine Institute.

“During previous jobs I acted as a liaison between different public and private parties in order to identify research needs and find common ground on policy issues that are of interest for public and private entities focused on vaccine research and development.” Marit held in several international staff and project management positions including in vaccinology training courses in collaboration with the World Health Organization and in the transfer of vaccine technologies to developing countries. “Through collaborations we can build sustainable and innovative solutions for health issues. Since TB is such a big health issue that kills more people than any other single infectious disease, I am pleased to be part of TBVI. TBVI’s philosophy to accelerate the development of TB vaccines through partnerships appeals to me.”