Dr Mei Mei HoHead of Global Diseases in Science, Research and Innovation Group at MHRA

    Dr Mei Mei Ho is the Head of Global Diseases in Science, Research and Innovation Group at Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Her team in the Vaccines Division focuses on R&D and standardisation of biological medicines and reagents for infectious diseases including Tuberculosis, Cholera and emerging viral diseases, such as COVID-19, Marburg, Ebola, etc. Her team is also responsible for operating a reagent repository for producing and distributing research reagents to support R&D in many viral diseases including AIDS, COVID-19, Hepatitis B&C.

    Dr Ho is one of the core members of Product Development Team (PDT) within the TB Vaccine Consortium (in various EU-funded programmes) and provides regulatory advice and recommendations on vaccine safety, quality and characterisation to vaccine developers and manufacturers. She works in NIBSC (now part of the MHRA) since 1998. Before joining NIBSC, she received her scientific training in the University of London where she completed her PhD studies (1994) in the fields of endocrinology and biochemistry. She then focused her research in protein biochemistry and molecular biology in her fellowship years.