Workshop “Maintaining European scientific excellence and global leadership in EU funded collaborative TB Vaccine research and innovation” – Impact of three H2020 projects, TBVAC2020, EMI-TB and STriTuVaD, on the global TB vaccine pipeline (8 October 2019, Brussels)

Thanks to H2020 investments substantial progress has been made in the innovation and development of vaccines against TB. This is shown by the promising results of three H2020-funded TB vaccine Research and Innovation projects on the global TB vaccine pipeline – TBVAC2020, EMI-TB and STriTuVaD.
The workshop, organised by TBVAC2020, EMI-TB and STriTuVaD, offered scientists, policy makers and funders the opportunity to discuss the challenges, opportunities and recommendations on how to build on these achievements. The outcome of these discussions can be read in the Meeting report Joint workshop TBVAC2020 EMI-TB and Strituvad