Latest news 12 April 2016: Biomarker discovery offers hope for new TB vaccine

The Jenner TB group, headed by Professor Helen McShane since 2001, developed the first new TB vaccine to enter into clinical testing, and the first vaccine to enter into efficacy testing. The group run a series of clinical trials to investigate the safety and immunogenicity of candidate TB vaccines, including MVA85A (recombinant modified vaccinia Ankara expressing antigen 85A) and ChAdOx1 85A (chimp adenovirus expressing antigen 85A) (both developed at the Jenner), and a number of industry partners’ vaccines. As a result of successful UK trials, the group has been working closely with African collaborators to run clinical trials of MVA85A in target populations in Africa. A current interest of the group is whether delivering a TB vaccine via the aerosol route (through nebulisation directly into the lungs) is a more effective method of vaccination than intramuscular vaccination.

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Recent publication: T-cell activation is an immune correlate of risk in BCG vaccinated infants
Nature Communications 7, Article number: 11290 (2016) doi:10.1038/ncomms11290
Helen A. Fletcher, Margaret A. Snowden, Bernard Landry, Wasima Rida, Iman Satti, Stephanie A. Harris, Magali Matsumiya, Rachel Tanner, Matthew K. O’Shea, Veerabadran Dheenadhayalan, Leah Bogardus, Lisa Stockdale, Leanne Marsay, Agnieszka Chomka, Rachel Harrington-Kandt, Zita-Rose Manjaly-Thomas, Vivek Naranbhai, Elena Stylianou, Fatoumatta Darboe, Adam Penn-Nicholson et al.

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