The Global TB Vaccine Partnership launches a website

The Global TB Vaccine Partnership launched the website: GTBVP website. The GTBVP brings together funders, product developers and policymakers working jointly to address barriers and create opportunities to help accelerate the development of safe and effective TB vaccines.

The Global Tuberculosis Vaccine Partnership is a forum for key stakeholders in TB vaccine R&D with the aim to:

  • Identify and address gaps in R&D that are potential barriers to successfully develop new effective, affordable, and accessible vaccines
  • Stimulate discussions among key stakeholders in TB vaccine R&D, and facilitate collaboration and coordination in research, policy, and funding actions
  • Make GTBVP information and resources available to the broader TB vaccine R&D community

GTBVP is launched in 2011 by TBVI, Aeras, the European Commission, and the European Investment Bank, and with early support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Today the initiative has grown to 13 members representing European, South African, and US governments, EU institutions, private foundations, product development partnerships, and global health organisations. Since 2019 TBVI runs the secretariat of the GTBVP.