Prof. Peter Andersen, DVM, DMScVice President of Vaccine Research and Development Statens Serum Institut Copenhagen, Denmark

    Prof. Peter Lawætz Andersen is Vice President of Vaccine Research and Development at Statens Serum Institut (SSI). Prior to this he was director of Infectious Disease Immunology (1997-2002) and the Tuberculosis Research Unit (1991-1997) both at SSI. Prof. Andersen has since 2006 been Honorary Professor at Copenhagen University. In his current position at the SSI, he is responsible for the overall coordination of vaccine research and development, covering activities from early research and to clinical development.

    Prof. Andersens research has been focused on the identification and characterisation of antigens, immune mechanisms and vaccine delivery systems that mediate protection against various pathogens and his main scientific interest has been immunity to intracellular pathogens such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Clamydia trachomatis. Prof. Andersen has pioneered work both on novel diagnostic assays (the IGRA assays), novel TB vaccines (H1/H4/H56) and the CAF series of liposomal adjuvants.

    Prof. Andersen is the coordinator of several multidisciplinary research consortia including the international Center for Nano-Vaccines and the Gates Grand Challenge 12 Consortium. He has served on a number of committees to advise and co-ordinate strategies for vaccine and diagnostic development and has organized and chaired numerous international meetings. Prof. Andersen has more than 270 publications, within the field of infection, immunity and vaccine research in peer-reviewed journals and is the inventor of more than 25 novel patents within the vaccine field.