Nadia Rozendaal, MA/MBADirector External Relations & Resource Mobilisation

Nadia is TBVI’s Director External Relations & Resource Mobilisation. She is responsible for resource mobilisation among a broad scale of donors: governments, foundations and the private sector, to enable the development of new, safe and effective vaccines against tuberculosis.  Nadia has more than 25 years of experience in global health, fundraising, governmental affairs and business development. She is also an independent consultant working on a wide variety of global public health issues.

Nadia previously worked for the Human Vaccines Project and was leading the European efforts of Aeras. Prior to Aeras she was the Director for Policy Advocacy Europe for the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. Before moving to the Netherlands Nadia occupied different positions in Brussels in the European Parliament, the European Commission and European industry groups. She has studied International Politics and Law, International Business Administration and Modern Roman Languages.