Second call for applications to assess efficacy of Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine candidates in a mouse model

Diversification of the vaccine development pipeline has been identified as a priority area in the Global TB Vaccine R&D Roadmap. The TBVAC-HORIZON consortium aims, amongst other things, to fill the early phases of the development pipeline while ensuring a diverse portfolio (TBVAC-HORIZON – TBVI).

One of the objectives of the project is to perform head-to-head comparisons of new candidate TB vaccines both within and outside of the consortium.

We are pleased to announce our second call for applications. This call will grant access to a head-to-head assessment of candidate vaccines. The assessment will evaluate the ability of vaccines to reduce bacterial load using a standard mouse model of vaccination and pulmonary challenge with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

A total of four calls are foreseen within the TBVAC-HORIZON project. In the current round, there is room to asses up to six vaccine candidates in this mouse model, and we invite all who have a candidate in a relevant stage of development to submit your vaccine candidate for testing in this model.

For more information, please read the guidance along with supporting information and download the application form..