Program TBVI Symposium 2024 January 30 – January 31 2024

Please find below the Programme TBVI Symposium 2024  for the TBVI symposium 2024, which will be held on January 30 and 31, 2024 in Les Diablerets.

Tuesday January 30, 2024 (Maison des congrès)

 14.00-14.05       Welcome and Opening: Gerald Voss, Executive Director ad interim, TBVI

1. Fundamental and applied research and novel technologies to innovate the TB vaccine pipeline

Novel insights in mucosal vaccine administration and spatial-temporal patterns of the local immune response in and beyond TB (chair: Olivier Neyrolles)

14:05-14.10       Introduction (Olivier Neyrolles)

14.10-14.30      Brittany Hartwell – University Minnesota, Minneapolis: “Harnessing albumin hitchhiking for enhanced uptake of mucosal vaccines against infectious disease”

14.30-14.50       David Schreiner – University Basel: “Space, the final frontier?”

14.50-15.10       Emma Lefrancais – CNRS-IPBS, Toulouse: “Intravital imaging of lung immune responses”

15:10-15.30      Klaas van Gisbergen – Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon: “Immunological Memory of the Tissues”

15.30-15.40       Young Scientist Awards (Frank Verreck)

15:40-15.55       Paul Ogongo – University of California San Francisco: “Distinct Mtb antigens under diversifying evolutionary selection induce Th17 responses in controlled human tuberculosis”

15.55-16.10       Discussion and Summary (All, Olivier Neyrolles)


16.10-16.40       Coffee break and Group photo


Novel TB vaccine candidates: Innovative approaches, in vivo- / in vitro-models, tools and technologies (chair: Andrea Cooper)

16.40-16.45       Introduction (Andrea Cooper)

16.45-17.05       David Lewinsohn – OHS University, Portland: “DURTS as a Target for Vaccination”

17.05-17.25       Björn Corleis – FLI, Isle of Riems: “Inter-species comparison of immune responses to novel mucosal vaccine concepts”

17.25-17.45       Tom Scriba – SATVI, Cape Town: “Inflammatory and T cell biomarkers of disease progression or control of Mtb

17.45-18.05       Thomas Lindenstrøm – Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen: “Vaccine-promoted HEVs and T cell trafficking in the Mtb infected lung”

18.05-18.20       Juliane Hübner – TissUse, Berlin: “TB Organoid Model – towards an MPS-based assay to test TB vaccines and treatment modalities”

18.20-18.35       Helen McShane – Oxford University: “Controlled Human Infection Model (CHIM)”

18.35-18.45       Discussion and Summary (All, Andrea Cooper)

18.45-18.50       Wrap-up & summary, outlook to Wednesday (Andrea Cooper, Olivier Neyrolles and   Elly van Riet)

 19.00-20.00       Reception

20.00    Joint dinner


Wednesday January 31, 2024 (Maison des congrès)

08.15-08.20 Welcome and programme of the day (Elly van Riet – TBVI)

2. Accelerating Clinical Development

08.20-08.30      Introduction (Helen McShane)

08.30-08.45      Mark Hatherill – University of Cape Town: “Overview TB Vaccine Clinical Pipeline”

08.45-09.00       Carlos Martin – University Zaragoza: “Live attenuated TB vaccine candidate MTBVAC”

09.00-09.15       Sina Brückner – SLS Europe, Hannover: “Updates on the VPM1002 development”

09.15-09.30       Andy Tran – St George’s University of London: “Development of a Novel Self-Adjuvanting Vaccine Platform for TB”

09.30-09.45       Ann Ginsberg – BMGF, Seattle: “M72/AS01E update”

09.45-10.00       Alvaro Borges – Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen: “The TB vaccine H56:IC31: phase 2 prevention of recurrence trial”


 10.00-10.30      Coffee break


10.30-11.00       Pragmatic design of efficacy trials –

Interactive debate with Mark Hatherill and Frank Cobelens, moderated by Helen McShane


3. Enablers to ensure public health impact

11.00-11.15       Debbie King – Wellcome Trust, London

11.15-11.30       Jean Marie Habarugira – Global Health EDCTP3, Brussels: “Current Research and Innovation Strategy”

11.30-11.45       Ann Ginsberg – BMGF, Seattle: “TB Vaccine program at BMGF – current and planned activities”

11.45-12.00       Mphatso Phiri – Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine: “Mtb infection prevalence: implications for estimating population impact of pre- & post-exposure TB vaccines”

12.00-12.15       Birgitte Giersing – WHO, Geneva: “WHO activities to accelerate TB vaccine development and use”

12.15-12.20       Helen McShane – Oxford University: “The Validate Network”

12.20-12.30      Summary and closure (Elly van Riet)