EDCTP-funded vaccine projects coordination meeting

To enhance the coordination and collaboration between the EDCTP-funded TB vaccine research projects, the four TB vaccine research projects meet annually to exchange knowledge and experiences on the conduct of their clinical studies. This year, the meeting took place on 7 April and was organised by TBVI in the context of their EDCTP-supported TB vaccine coordination project.

The coordination project supports activities to promote collaboration among the different partners and institutions involved in the EDCTP-funded TB vaccines projects as well as with the broader TB vaccine research community in Africa and Europe. The TB vaccine projects involved are:

Although each project follows its own trajectory, there are similarities between the projects and their experiences. As with so many activities, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the course of these projects. Nevertheless, each project demonstrated that important progress has been made thanks to the enormous commitment, creativity and professionalism of the clinical trial sites.

In addition to exchanging experiences, the projects examined in which areas they can collaborate. In 2021 a set of tools was developed, coordinated by TBVI and with experts in the field, which are available on the EDCTP website. In the coming months EDCTP, TBVI and the project coordinators will explore opportunities to develop materials that can also benefit other projects.