World TB Day: Accelerating TB Vaccine R&D through Partnership – a Business Model that Adds Value and Generates Impact

On the occasion of World TB day TBVI reaffirms its commitment to accelerate TB vaccine R&D through partnership to make available safe, effective and affordable TB vaccines to contribute to the global goal to end the TB epidemic by 2035.
TBVI with its R&D partners, funders and global partners has developed a unique business model that combines the best practices from innovative consortium models with the strengths of a collaborative R&D support organisation giving focus, prioritisation and an enabling environment to partners working together towards a common goal.

The TBVI business model

Generates new ideas to increase chances of R&D success – TBVI, through pooling of the best ideas from its research community in the areas of discovery, preclinical and early clinical development of vaccines and the development and validation of biomarkers, fosters new ideas across the whole spectrum of TB vaccine R&D and contributes to the de-risking of vaccine development.  The model deliberately does not direct the science, which allows for a broad portfolio of R&D activities to be developed in an environment of mutual trust and constructive collaboration among the partners. It does not have a pre-submission focus on research ideas from its R&D partners allowing for the TBVI model to be flexible and able to quickly incorporate new research opportunities and ideas in the context of an up to date R&D strategy. A rigorous internal selection process by experts from TBVI’s advisory committee and from its product and clinical development team assures funders that the best projects are selected and supported.

Is relevant to global strategies and priorities – The TBVI R&D strategy is consistent with the TB global strategy and priorities as developed by WHO. TBVI works with WHO and its other global partners to continually update this strategy to ensure it is consistent with the latest science and public health evidence. TBVI R&D partners work across the three target product profile classes recommended by WHO – priming, boosting and immunotherapeutic vaccines.

Is effective – TBVI’s R&D partners, supported by essential services from the TBVI organization, are filling in critical gaps in the TB vaccine R&D pipeline. Novel antigens, innovative immunization strategies and delivery platforms , and sub-unit and live vaccine candidates have been discovered and are being tested in pre-clinical animal models and human clinical trials.

Is efficient  – TBVI’s lean core team provides efficient and effective financial and project management resulting in reduced transaction costs for both its funders and its R&D consortium partners.

Creates impact – TBVI’s business model has contributed in a major way to maintain European excellence and leadership in the TB vaccine R&D field and in establishing a European network that is innovating and diversifying the TB vaccine pipeline. About half of the candidates in pre-clinical and clinical development have resulted from the collaborative efforts of TBVI and its R&D partners working within this business model.

In 2016 and beyond, TBVI will continue to work through partnership and collaborative research and development efforts to achieve our common goal – safe, effective and affordable TB vaccines for all.