René Coppens MScOperational Office Director External Relations & Resource Mobilisation

René Coppens is TBVI’s Director External Relations & Resource Mobilisation. He is responsible for resource mobilisation among a broad scale of donors: companies, foundations and governments, to enable the development of more and effective vaccines against tuberculosis. He also focusses on Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Involvement, looking at possibilities for companies to collaborate with TBVI, and building a business network that will allow companies to join the fight against tuberculosis.

Before joining TBVI, René has worked in the financial industry and in the field of international business consultancy and business development, in the Netherlands and Spain as well as in Canada. He holds an MSc in International Economics.

René: “I’m excited about building a TBVI network in the corporate industry and promoting interaction between the for-profit and non-profit sector. I strongly believe that businesses playing an active role in worldwide welfare stimulation will have a very positive effect.”

“From the point of view of Corporate Social Responsibility, I think tuberculosis vaccines are a sound investment. Tackling the root of the problem, new vaccines will help eliminate a disease that causes great human suffering and harms economies worldwide. ”

“Personally I believe health and access to good health are crucial to development. People who feel well can educate themselves, take matters into their own hands and progress in life. Health is wealth, and that should allow economic growth and eventually lead to a better balanced society and improved international economic relations.”

Phone: +31 320 277556