Danielle Roordink MScSr. Project Manager

Danielle Roordink is TBVI’s Project Manager. She is responsible for the smooth management of TBVI’s research projects. She also supports the preparation and monitoring of projects for research and development of TB vaccines together with TBVI’s research partners.

Before joining TBVI Danielle was Networking Officer at the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership (EDCTP), and prior to that Assistant Programme Manager at the Dutch organisation for Health research (ZonMw).

Danielle: “Because of my previous work experience I became aware of the TB health problems in the world and that the development of effective and affordable vaccines is crucial to solve this health problem. We all know that serious health problems like TB significantly affect our economies by reducing productivity and creating gaps in workforce. Furthermore TB is not a disease of the past or a health problem that only affects citizens in developing countries. It is also an increasing threat for European citizens. I believe that joint efforts between research, governments and the private sector are necessary to find sustainable solutions with a long term impact. I see it as a challenge to bring these parties together and stimulate investments in TB vaccine development.”

Phone: +31 320 277554