Simone Joosten of TBVI’s partner LUMC awarded ‘Early Career Scientist’

Simone Joosten Ph.D. from our research partner Leiden University Medical Centre has been selected as the second recipient of the CTVD Early Career Scientist Award for her contributions to research in TB biomarkers, novel human T-cell subsets, and TB vaccinology. . CTVD is the Collaboration for TB Vaccine Discovery, and is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Simone has contributed to the clinical evaluation of novel TB vaccine candidates and performed Phase 1 clinical trials for novel vaccine candidates and novel vaccine adjuvants which contributed to numerous publications. According to Melvin Sanicas, programme manager of the CTVD, early career scientists such as Simone are essential to ensure that the field remains innovative and scientifically robust.

The Early Career Scientist award carries with it a travel grant to attend a TB-related conference.  This award will cover expenses related to this travel.

Simone JoostenAfter graduating in Biomedical Sciences from Utrecht University in 1999, Simone studied the immunological involvement in chronic renal transplant rejection in the department of Nephrology and obtained her PhD at Leiden University in 2004. She obtained certification in Immunology and in Experimental Pathobiology from the SMBWO. Following her PhD, she started working in the Department of Infectious Diseases and focused on mycobacterial infections. Simone also worked at the University of Cape Town, South Africa to work on immune responses following BCG vaccination in infants. Her current work focusses on TB biomarkers, detailed characterization of novel human T-cell subsets and more recently macrophage biology and metabolism.