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Newsletter October 2013     

During the 44th Union World Conference on Lung Health, to be held in Paris, TBVI organises a lunch break meeting about "The economic urgency and pathway to eliminate TB".

Friday 1 November 12h45 – 14h15, Hotel Le Méridien Etoile, Paris.

The following renowned speakers will give a short talk, followed by a discussion moderated by Prof Michel Kazatchkine, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General on HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and former Executive Director of The Global Fund.

Prof Roland Diel from the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel and member of the Board of the German central committee against TB, calculated the economic burden of TB in Europe. His conservative calculation: TB costs the EU € 5.9 billion per year.

Dr Mario Raviglione, Director of the Stop TB Department of WHO, is responsible for the strategy to stop this devastating disease. He will talk about the pathway to eliminate TB: why we need new new tools (including vaccines).

The Global Health & Technology Coalition (GHTC) recently published a paper about the funding landscape for global health research and development (R&D). Claire Wingfield of the GHTC will present key financing challenges and opportunities facing product development partnerships and other non-profit product developers that advance the development of new vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, microbicides, and devices for low- and middle-income countries.

Decision makers in global health, politicians, policy makers and global health advocates are invited to join the discussion.

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TBVI is happy to announce a Call for application for Non-Human Primate TB Vaccine Testing. By submitting an application you will formally apply for a slot in the upcoming NHP experiment for the evaluation of new TB vaccine candidates/regimes supported by a TBVI R&D grant of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

This NHP study will be performed at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC), Rijswijk, the Netherlands, and is designed to assess the immunogenicity and protective efficacy of new vaccine candidates and vaccination regimes (e.g. prime-boost schedules) in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta). Applications should be submitted through the programme coordinator of TBVI before 4 November 17:00 CET 2013.

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The economic burden of tuberculosis (TB) in the European Union amounts to a total of €5,898,298,315 per year, according to a conservative calculation. This is the conclusion of a scientific study, published today in the European Respiratory Journal, led by the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel, Germany.

Because very little was known about the costs of TB disease in the EU, a group of European and US scientists did a systematic review of literature and institutional websites. The scientists distinguished direct costs (medication, hospitalisation and outpatient cost) and indirect costs (loss of productivity and the monetary equivalent of Disability-Adjusted Life-Years DALYs (overall disease burden)), as well as costs to treat susceptible TB (‘normal’ TB, responding to standard TB drugs), MDR-TB (Multi drug-resistant TB, resistant to several drugs) and XDR-TB (Extensively drug-resistant TB, resistant to a large number of drugs). The latter distinction is important with regard to the dramatic increase of MDR-TB and XDR-TB in the world.

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The Treatment Action Group launched their 2013 Pipeline Report where they present the current status of HIV, hepatitis C virus (HCV), and tuberculosis drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines.

The Treatment Action Group concludes in a press release that lack of investment and political will make the TB pipeline the most anemic covered in the 2013 Pipeline Report. They write: "Research on TB vaccines remains slow and underfunded but there are some glimmers of hope, particularly on the basic science and early clinical front. Much more investment is needed in TB research and development overall, and in TB program scale-up to ensure access to the best diagnostics tests and preventive and curative therapies."

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