Making TB a disease of the past

TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI) is an independent nonprofit organisation that stimulates and coordinates the development of new, globally accessible and affordable vaccines against tuberculosis (TB).

We financially and practically support an integrated network of over 50 of the best universities, institutes and industries (mostly European) involved in research and development of more effective, safe tuberculosis vaccines.

TBVI’s unique network and outstanding track record show that these urgently needed vaccines can be developed. New vaccines are needed because the only available vaccine provides limited protection, while tuberculosis remains a leading killer and increasing health threat to people and economies worldwide.

To improve the current vaccine or develop new TB vaccines, we seek funding from governments, non-governmental organisations, foundations, private industry and other private funders. Around € 600 million is globally needed in the coming ten years, to develop new vaccines ready for use.

In our working model TB experts decide on the funding of projects. Teams of international experts in vaccine research and development assist and advise researchers on translating their scientific discoveries into valuable products.


Ms. Erna Balk
Director Advocacy & Communications
+31 320 277 552

TBVI’s unique network and outstanding track record show that new effective, safe vaccines can be developed